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When I was 12 years old I was still a child, but I have always kept busy. Early on I used to shine shoes for a nickel. I had a paper route and sold magazines door-to-door; later on I peeled potatoes and washed dishes at Jerry’s G and L drive-in at the corner of Green and Lake in Pasadena. Pretty much anything legal for a kid to make money I did. I was a happy, industrious kid. At thirteen though, I started thinking about stuff: life, girls, relationships, marriage, divorce, and so on. I made two decisions then which have had an enormous influence on my choices ever since.
The first had to do with music. Mr. Dana, the band leader at our junior high school, loaned me a rather beat-up old cornet to play, saying they already had too many drummers, which was my first choice! All my life I had been listening to music. Dad played piano by ear, Mom played violin, piano and sang. The radio player the Make Believe Ballroom featuring Glen Miller, Woody Herman, the Dorsey brothers and more. This was the music I labeled as “good”. They also played Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kay, and others of their ilk – “bad” in my estimation. My list was extensive, but you get the idea. “Good” was solid, man! It was hip, groovy, where it’s at, right on! My friend, fellow student and pianist, known as Larry “Boogeyman” Bangham, at Pasadena City College would say with great energy that any “bad” music was “sca-ware” (square) meaning that it was utterly not acceptable, man! Larry was completely self taught. He played for years in a small shack at the back of his parents’ home. His playing of boogie-woogie was the best I’ve ever heard. I went into the Army and lost track of him. He was my age, which is now 89. There was nothing in the world worse than being “square”. I promised myself I’d never, ever be square! The second decision I made had to do with just showing up and staying put. Over the years I’ve seen so many people just up and leave. Friends, relatives, women, kids, so many wander off to parts unknown. My Dad just left when I was young. He went to live in Detroit. I was going to go see him on my first furlough from the Army, but he died before I could get there. Just up and left the planet. I promised myself to never do that either.
Be hip. Hang in. Words I live by…

Things ain’t what they used to be…


“Things ain’t what they used to be”…This is the title and wise sentiment of a blues tune written way back in the time of jitterbug dancing and lots of big bands and smaller groups playing jazz, which was my primary interest in life at the time. “Things ain’t what they used to be” never applied to me though; I thought I would always be young. One fine day I was officiating a wedding with a large group of young people, and the groom, who looked too young to shave, said: “how old are you anyway?” (Up to this point, I didn’t realize I look like an old person. What a shock. Just naive, I guess.) On a macro scale: how about the changes I have witnessed in our world during my lifetime? These could be a real challenge to my joy, my peace, my love, my jazz, to happiness. But I remember a lesson I learned years ago about the power within each of us, our mind, our thought, our imagination. To the person who will imagine his life to be the way he wants it and insists on living it right now, regardless of what appears, much is guaranteed. Or to simplify, change your thinking, keep it changed, and you will change your life. Do whatever it takes to think happier thoughts. I can do whatever I must to change my thinking. As I use my mental broom to sweep the used-to-be’s off the floor, I believe God, Life Itself is Good! Therefore I know that my life is the same. And so is yours. Choose love.
Blessings to all!
‘Doc’ Gil

Meditation is, for me, transformative. In my early years I was not aware of it. I grew into adulthood without any seeming effort on my part. At thirty I learned in Science of Mind that, in order to evolve any further, I must do so consciously. Nature had brought me that far, like a gift! Spiritual practices  were the next step. I learned Spiritual Mind Treatment, which is a form of affirmative prayer, at the Center for Spiritual Living on Harmon Street in Las Vegas, (known at that time as the Church of Religious Science.) Then I signed up for study at the Transcendental Meditation Center. My next great adventure had begun! I have continued to treat and meditate to this day. I am now an (almost) 89 year old valuable antique! For the shape I’m in, I’m in great shape. Do you want a transformation? I’ll teach you too! Private message me for details; I’m available! Love and blessings!



On this, the sixty-second anniversary of the very first time I held my daughter, I’d like to share the remarks I made at her commencement celebration;

“Consciousness is the only reality.
God is all there is and God is good all the time.
Life is good because God is good. In fact, it’s all good!
Keep breathing, forgive, and love everybody and everything all the time!
This is what I teach in my ministry and how I endeavor to live my life…
and somebody has been watching me!

Karen is an organizing principle in my life and has been for almost six decades. Like the moon tugs on the tides, like flowers turn to face the sun, like clouds scud across the sky before a storm blows in, she is a force to be reckoned with! Children will do that.

I remember when she asked me to sit with her once a week for months discussing A Course In Miracles. Then we started on the Science of Mind and she began taking classes.
I remember when her mother Norma and I walked her down the aisle of my church in Carson City to be married in a ceremony officiated by my wife Gail.
I remember when she called one Thanksgiving morning to ask for help and I picked her up and took her where she needed to go.
I remember when we sat in the bleachers while she graduated from San Francisco State, a little speck in cap and gown about half a mile away.
I remember when she put a rude bumper sticker on her car, which I removed, only to discover she’d bought an endless supply of the stupid things and she’d replace it every time I tore one off.
I remember when she hid a boy in her closet – for a week!
I remember when I got my brand new, 1952, British racing green, hard topped, Jaguar XK120 coupe, with real leather seats, and she threw up all over them!
I remember the first time I ever held her in my arms, so tiny, so beautiful, so amazing, so terrifying…

Kids think parents are all powerful. Sometimes we parents do too, but it’s only a temporary comforting delusion we employ to mask the absolute reality of our powerlessness over our children’s lives. Mostly what we’re called to do, time and time again, is to witness a unique and precious life as it unfolds, to be exquisitely present, to pay attention, to hold in high esteem, and to just – love. That’s what I’ve been doing all this time.
Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey, with all the stops and mile markers and detours along the way. This is another substation. This ceremony today is a link between all that has come before, which we remember, and all that is yet to be, which we cannot possibly foresee.

But every new moment, lived with consciousness and integrity, promises that what is to come will be worthy of our fondest dreams and highest aspirations. That is what Karen has been living and growing and learning; of this I’m certain! I’ve been watching too. I’m here as her witness. And I’m her biggest fan. Tomorrow is Fathers’ Day and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be, or anything I’d rather do, than this!

There’s a song Irving Berlin and Johnny Mercer wrote that Billy Eckstine used to sing when I was playing in his band:

I remember you
You’re the one who
made my dreams come true
A few
kisses ago…

I remember you
You’re the one who said
I love you, too,
I do
Didn’t you know?

I remember too, a distant bell
And stars that fell, like rain out of the blue
When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
the thrill of them all
Then I shall tell them
I remember you!

Good Company


This morning I pulled up my favorite fuzzy comforter to soften the early morning chill. It was a gift to us from a lady member of our Center for Spiritual Living in Carson City. She was dying
of cancer and was reminiscing about her life. “I have loved and admired three women in my life: Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep and Reverend Gail.” WOW I know just how she felt, except I don’t know the other two quite as well!


Being a self conscious and sentient human being is amazing! This is because life is about (wait for it!) aliveness, not deadness. It is, in Itself, grace, serendipity, joy and coherence! It has produced a delicious feeling within me of what Christian Larson described many years ago as “the Ideal made real.” As I blossom every day in this amazing grace, every moment of my experience proves Life is Itself THE IDEAL MADE REAL!!!

Sometimes, however, my opinions on the appearances in life seem rather alarming so I turn (as a last resort of course) to my preferred method of affirmative prayer known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, all the while subjectively hoping that this will work or else I am in serious trouble! This, in return, sets up what Job predicted in Biblical times: “that which I greatly feared has come upon me!” What a dilemma! Why do I forget about THE IDEAL MADE REAL? SERENDIPITY and GRACE are built into the system. I know this! My only gig is to get my bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits. Why don’t I “just do it?”

My wife, Reverend Gail reminded me recently of an early story about Charles and Mrytle Fillmore, founders of Unity. Myrtle had suffered all her life from tuberculosis and believed herself to be chronically weak and sickly. She and Charles went to hear noted metaphysician Dr. E. B. White. He spoke eloquently of our innate ability for divine healing through affirmative prayer. Myrtle really “got” this message and was healed! As her husband witnessed her amazing transformation and they began to explore their healing potential for themselves and others, what was to become Unity Worldwide Ministries was born!

An interesting event took place in Gail’s and my life back in 1984. We were hired by the trustees of the Unity Church in Carson City. Gail and I had been trained and ordained by the (then) United Church of Religious Science, which was headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, but we accepted the call to serve this Unity congregation because 1) they wanted us, 2) we felt we had something to give and 3) we had wonderful support from the Reverend (now Doctor) Ruth Faulkner (now Deaton) who was Director of the Department of Member Churches for UCRS.

One of our congregation was a life-long Unity student of more than fifty years and a retired nurse. Georgie Gressot was taking our Science of Mind I class, the introductory curriculum of the time, taught by Gail, when one of the other students queried “what’s the difference between Unity and Religious Science?” Georgie insisted  upon answering! “Unity creates the bridge from traditional Christianity to New Thought. Once we cross over, Religious Science brings us home!” What a brilliant answer which she was uniquely qualified to give! She also used to like saying “God is in charge!” That group eventually affiliated with UCRS and is known today as the Center for Spiritual Living Carson City whose community spiritual leader is my dear daughter, the Reverend Karen Linsley! Wow!

Whenever I forget what I know, or worse yet, remember and still neglect to live it, Myrtle and Georgie and Gail and Karen come to my mind and snap me out of it! No one needs to be sick, unhappy, impoverished or anything less than their ideal! The Ideal is what’s really the Truth about every one of us! Life is and always has been an INSIDE job, never the opposite. Be happy. Live YOUR Ideal life today!



Being a self conscious, sentient human being is amazing!!. This is because LIFE ITSELF is amazing! It’s all about more and more aliveness, not deadness. Life is grace, serendipity, joy and coherence! It has produced a delicious feeling within me of what Christian Larson termed many years ago as “the ideal made real”.  As I blossom every day in this amazing grace, every moment of my experience proves LIFE ITSELF IS THE IDEAL MADE REAL!


There is NO reason to think that Life is serious. To the contrary, there is more  evidence pointing to how benevolent and creative is the mystery of life itself. There is, in this particular moment, this tiny point of consciousness known as me, on this teensy weensy planet called Earth, that exists on the fringe of a curiously small galaxy, in a seemingly endlessly BIG Universe. In the cosmic scheme of things, how can what I think make any impression on God, the Good, that created ALL that exists.? Well, this is, in fact, that very great mystery of life, because the answer is: my thought DOES matter, it actually becomes matter, literally! Thought is forever in the process of creating form and then deserting the form it has created to begin again! Thought changes everything, or thought is the method by which the continuous flow of things occur! Ernest Holmes wrote: “Thoughts are the causes of things. Change your thinking, keep it changed, and you will change your life.” Actually, it’s much harder NOT to change your mind! I do it so often I’ve got the cleanest mind around! It’s all very mysterious and incredibly wonderful. And totally my choice! Who shall I be, what shall I do, how can I play more wholeheartedly in this glorious experience of life, today? I choose to live in the grace of God, the good, now.! It’s a miracle, a mystery and I love it!



Love is magic, pure and sweet
For it alone makes life complete.
Love turns all the commonplace
To matchless beauty, joy and grace.
And when there’s something hearts would say
Love, like magic, points the way.

We don’t’ recall the author of this beautiful little poem, but we remember using it as the basis for several sermons over the years. From September of 1976 until we retired in 2014, Gail or I, or both of us, prepared and presented a Sunday talk, either at Lake Tahoe or Carson City, or both! For awhile, we did two services, 9:30 and 11:00 down the hill in the morning and one more up in South Lake Tahoe at 6:00 PM! It was a joy, and fun! And we did it all for love! Truly magic was afoot!