There is a process I follow in living my ideal of joy, health and happiness. First I get comfortable and quiet down. Then I notice what actually is, what’s so, but without giving it undue weight. In other words: Never mind what is! Next I decide what it is I want. I deliberately open up my mind to God, the good. I let the woe go! Now, I mentally put on my noise-canceling head phones and listen only to what I enjoy. I close my eyes and see with my heart and my mind thinks only of the good (God). When I look for what I like, I find myself being and doing it! Welcome, love and blessings, Gil

Spiritual Mind Treatment…

Is one form of prayer that has been taught and used in Religious Science teachings for many years. The following is one that Dr. HAP Polite gave me in 1958, at my first Science of Mind class in Las Vegas: “I am a whole compete and perfect creation of God, and all right action is taking place in my life, right now. This is the truth, and for it I am grateful. And so it is!” Dr. Polite said, “Put this on your trumpet case and and embody it whenever needed.” You might ask,”Did it work?” In one word, YES. Very soon I experienced my first “miracle” – a completely new changed life. And, here I am, in 2014, living the Ideal Made Real. Good, God is ever with, around and through all life. Stay happy and keep breathing.


“I don’t know that you’re wrong,” she said, “but I fail to see the advantage of being right in this instance.” I’m not sure what the previous statement means, but it’s interesting to me. I’ve been attached to any number of things over the years, including being right. But most of these things are the ornaments of life, not my life itself. Cars, homes, jobs, people, clothes and other assorted things have all come and gone, not changed, but gone! Life, my life, your life, is here, now. We’re still here! Depending on how old one is, the body, in this case my body, is certainly old, changed but not gone. All life is eternal. All life is sacred. Life changes form, but does not die. Life, God is here for all of us to express joy, happiness, fulfillment, and love, given and received. God, Life, really is the Ideal made real. Live in the heights, the better side of things. Life! Stay happy. Keep breathing. Love!


“You can trust people to be exactly who they are.” (Lee Gibson)
People———– I’m one, so are you! We are all a mixed bag, people.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” (R. Buckminster Fuller)
This is a great idea for cars, airplanes, skyscrapers, etcetera. However, life all by itself brings new challenges all the time! We, the people, live it! Yesterday is gone and today will be different and no day will be exactly the same ever again! Life demands change, it’s a law. The good news is: the NOW is brand new, filled with unlimited potential. The mind and it’s resident thinker is always doing the brand new, the ideal, exciting, larger, bigger and containing the better side of all Goodness. What ARE we thinking? Because, what I think today is what Life gives me tomorrow. Stay happy, keep breathing!


“The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” (Robert Louis Stevenson) This feels accurate and good to me. “I reckon a man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” (Abraham Lincoln) I have the same reaction here as before, it feels true and good. I have learned that I have the option or choice to feel good, coherent energy, which leads me to health and ease, or incoherent energy which results in disease. Every mind, every thinker has this choice. There may be fearful thoughts and feelings being expressed around me, but I choose what can be called the better side, the higher realm of living life and it feels good and true and accurate and happy.


Within each of us lives a largely unused aspect I call our Genius. Unused, I say, because the thinker is busy with many fearful thoughts which can easily become habitual. The things which we think of most often leave no space for Genius. The creative forces within us are constantly making us just like those things upon which we habitually think. The grateful mind is always looking for the highest and the best, expects only the best, and will always secure good things out of everything that comes. I have noticed that many thinkers do not expect much! May I suggest we expect BIG? Enlarge our idea of big. We expand our expectancy, our unlimited capacity to accept all the great, the good, the ideal, the Genius that is in all life, every mind, all of us! !