There is nothing to lose except all judgements. None of us is equipped to judge any one, any thing or even ourselves! We cannot know the future. We may have learned that what we are thinking today is a pretty good indicator of our tomorrows. Life is “iffy” Harry Truman told us. We judge or decide it is “good” or “bad” based upon our perception of what we are. If I want freedom, joy and happiness my best choice is to claim Life as a gift. It’s all good. Follow your heart, not your judgement.


In the book Healing Yourself by Christian Larson (written in 1912) I read “the body is disease free so long as the human system is abundantly supplied with vital energy.” Through personal experience I know this statement to be true. Unfortunately, vital energy can be easily used up or seriously depleted by anger, fear, worry and any of a number of habitual “bummed out” negative feelings. The solution for me is: I live a serene life and I consciously turn on the full current of vital energy through harmonious and constructive, calm, orderly thinking conducted in perfect poise. I feel serene and strong at the same time. I also raise my expectancy of more and more good. Perfect health is mine!

My Fair Lady

In “My Fair Lady” there is a song that reminds me of the Law of Attraction. Strange? Perhaps, but see what you think: “I was serenely independent and content before we met. Surely I could always be that way again and yet, I’ve grown accustomed…” Right here is the point! It seems like Rex Harrison (as Henry Higgins) is liking what is, but wants what was. The Law of Attraction is always at work, but will deliver only one result at a time, not two. We’ve become accustomed to our habitual mode of thinking. “Rather like a habit one can always break and yet…” If my thinking is a mixed bag, the Law can only return to me a mixed bag result! What was, what used to be, is gone, past, and can never be the same, ever, ever again. We (I) really need to get this! This is not a limitation, but a blessing! This now moment, our entire future can only be one way – onward, upward, moving ahead into the heights of the better side of life, the Ideal made real. Life, God, Goodness is rigged in our favor. All is One? Yes! I learned in HeartMath “the earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as our heart rhythms and brain waves.” It’s built in! WOW!


From experience I have learned that life is not about the destination, and has everything to do with the multitude of sub-destinations, transformations and miracles along the way. To this, I wait to see what will happen next! And I say WOOGIE! This one word has a variety of uses. (Ask my daughter, Karen!) My use here “WOOGIE” is to remind me to lighten up, LeRoy, (my middle name which I use in self talk). See, I have been living in the heights, in the ideal made real for a long time. Virtually all humanity-all of us were born in this Divinity! I invite all of us Divine Creations to WOOGIE, lighten up, Life is God, life is good. Let’s accept our actual reality.image


In my last blog, the paragraph regarding “judgements” needs attention. Here goes: I have learned that in order to live The Ideal Made Real, to be free, it is necessary for me to let go and release my attachment to my judgments. I know, if I do not think for myself, somebody else will. And, I will probably not like what they thought up for me! Gnarly! That is a judgement, right? Complete freedom is the subject! There are two components involved and both are gnarly. I did not say this is easy. The first is love: I have to love myself and everybody and everything else completely. The second is forgiveness: I must forgive myself and everybody and everything else, completely without exception. I even had to forgive God.
In the Peanuts cartoon strip, Lucy puts up her little sign saying “the Doctor is IN”. In life, when you and I put up our little sign “the Genius is IN” both of the above are not gnarly, nor even difficult, they are automatic and complete freedom is now. WOW! Blessings!


I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws. For the first thirty years of my residency here on planet Earth I did not know this truth. This class was not taught where I went to school. When I did learn it, at first I remembered the last part as “governed by physical laws.” You, the reader, may get a chuckle by speculating on some of the results I created. What I did was, I created the not-so-useful mental habit of always remembering, and reliving, all the things I had judged as not good, bad or evil. I almost never could recall any of the wonderful, miraculous things that had occurred. Which attracts a plethora of “bad.” The answer is, of course, I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws. Now, I live a life of the ideal made real. Living up to my judgements of course. Smile… Life is GOOD! image