When “the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch”. Thus spake Jesus the Christ. He was illustrating, in his story-telling style, the karmic result of uneducated thinking. We can see this in a lot of sincere posts on Facebook and various other places. One cannot give what one does not possess.

The good news of this acknowledged spiritual master, and of this post, is the blessing we reap when we “love one another.” Fearfulness and blindness are not a source of love. This is best illustrated when I think of a relationship with two or more persons: the happiest occur between emotionally healthy and independently happy individuals. These people practice self-love. They treat themselves with the type of care that they give to those around them…or at least make the effort. Emotionally healthy people acknowledge their part in any disagreement or conflict and take responsibility for it. They are assertive, pull their weight and give love when it’s most difficult. It takes unquestioning loving commitment to not leave, especially when things get difficult. (Together is better!) The whole IS greater than the sum of its parts. It takes trust and respect with one another. I have found that I have had to give up worry. Worry was a waste of time, unless it was something I could do something about and then did it. I used to have a black belt in worry! Love takes intentionality! We need to encourage one another as well as love one another…And don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most!image


So, this dude goes into a doctor’s office and says: “It hurts when I do this.” The physician replies: “Don’t do that!” Another person says, “I’m unhappy” and I reply: “STOP IT!” When I say “do whatever it takes to stay happy and keep breathing” I am very aware that while it is easy to say, it can be much more difficult to accomplish. “Are you willing to do whatever it takes?” Dr. Lee Gibson asked me this at his PEAKE class years ago. I was a brand new minister of Religious Science at the time and had no knowledge of his est-inspired words and approach. (This was well over 30 years ago.) I answered “Duh, I don’t know.” His reply? “What would you say if you did know?” I was so fearful I couldn’t remember my question in the first place. Annoying.

I have noticed that when we are fearful we tend to hold our breath. This is a subjective tendency which amplifies the fear and is something we do to validate our built in subjective belief that we are separate from God! No one is ever separate from the Source!
The process of healing our fear is to BREATHE! Mind is powerful. So, try this with me for a moment: get comfortable, imagine breathing into and out of the area where your heart resides. Do it again… Feel the shift in your attention. Willfully direct your awareness away from the fearful, negative or untrue condition. Recall a loving, joyous or appreciative feeling, some fun feeling from the past. Now enjoy that experience in this moment. It creates a new happy feeling now.

People have rightly felt that our human heart is the love center for many years. Now there is evidence of heart intelligence also, which is based on 25 years scientific research chronicled by the HeartMath Institute and which I have personally experienced! Our mind is an omnipotent all knowing source of health and joy. Fear is excitement without the breath! Any fear is transformed by breathing fully into it, producing excitement and happiness. So breathe, turn any fear into happiness and excitement. Do it more and this turns into exhilaration and voila! You are in conscious contact with God!!! Wow! The Ideal made real! Do whatever it takes! Love, Dr Gilimage

The Secret of Life

In the last four or five years I have come to understand what I call the secret of life: Be happy and keep breathing. This is very simple. If I’m not happy, what’s the point to breathing, which of course, is required in order to be at all. Early in life, I remember, I was mostly happy. Getting my diapers changed, eating, sleeping, breathing, drinking, cooing, giggling, you know, being a baby was a happy time! Happiness became elusive though quite soon. As a child, I learned about things like war, death, fighting, fear, famine, enemies, Wall Street crash, hard times, lack, liquor, prohibition, the depression, suicide, etc… Most kids I knew did not have a happy childhood. I believe that now is a better time to be a kid, and we are endeavoring to do our part, as adults, to continue this trend toward the greater Good. However, now is also the best time for everyone to just be happy! Ernest Holmes taught “if you change your thinking and keep it changed, you will change your life.” Do whatever it takes! We all learned very well the lessons of unhappiness very soon after infancy. I suggest we do whatever it takes now to be happy and keep breathing! More on what it takes tomorrow! Love, Guru Gil