In the early 1940’s during the war, when everyone blacked out all windows at night and we put all Japanese people (our next door neighbors) away for the duration of the war and everyone over eighteen was going off to fight a war, I was not fearful. Or so I thought. From my earliest memories: the Wall Street collapse, the ensuing depression, millionaires jumping out of sky scraper’s windows, all the glaring headlines of the times, I did not know I was fearful. My main emotion, I thought, was shame tinged with helplessness. I had a sense of separateness, dualism, agnosticism, something I did not begin to understand at the time. Ernest Holmes started my healing in 1958. In a Science of Mind class I learned that “love rules through law.” A Course In Miracles came along later and taught me that “if it’s not love it’s always fear and nothing else.” When I’m in my right mind, feeling and extending love, living coherence, glued together in the Oneness of the universe, that’s when I finally am fearless! Spirit, being all there is, comes to each of us when it’s time. For me the time is now: to live love, fearlessly, serenely and happily. It’s time!


This gigantic universe is the result of the gigantic thoughts generated by THE ONE INFINITE GOD. Everything that is, is the result of this One. I have learned that “there is only one life, that life is God’s life, that life is perfect and that life is my life now!” This means that all minds, thus all thoughts posses this creative power. Each of us has allowed some degree of this power in our lives through the channel of our thoughts. Like the diameter of a hose determines the flow, awareness is the only difference. The I Am is infinite; I am an ever-increasing channel. What a great relief: I am not in charge of the universe! I just don’t know enough. But I DO know enough to have learned how to think. So…I take control of my “stinking thinking”, eliminate the thoughts that express the lower side of life, the negative, fearful or unhappy level of being. I use only the thoughts that express what might be termed the higher or happier side of things. Life is ever ready and willing to become to me that which I proclaim It to be. The universe, indeed my life is a safe place to be. The Infinite thought it up and I agree!


I will always be well as I maintain coherence and vital energy! The “how to do this” could take volumes. However, it is very important to never waste vital energy or coherence! Coherent energy feels good and produces ease and health. Incoherent energy feels bad and produces disease and ill health. Vital energy is replaced naturally every night as I sleep via my subconscious mind. When I wake every day, my vital energy has been replaced and I am ready for a new day of ideal living! This brand new, exciting, love-filled day can be side-tracked by any form of fear or negation. So, I keep my mind in the heights of consciousness, clean, harmonious, serene and constructive at all times. I receive more good when I expect more. I expect it and live in the faith of all good. More to follow. Stay happy, keep breathing! Happy Easter!
Love, Gil


Life is not just about survival anymore; most of the folks around us have that handled. It’s really about flourishing. What does it mean to flourish? For me it unfolds the same way a flower blossoms, in stages: I decide what I like, I notice what actually is, then I listen only to what I like, think only on that which I like, and look at only that which I like. I also find it helpful to speak what I like! When I follow this process, I find myself doing what I like. And by the way, I like the results as well! The system is elegant, harmonious and beautiful to behold, a blessing to all: this is flourishing! Stay happy and keep breathing! :~)


We are all individualized, unique, special and marvelous creations emanating from the thought of the ONE that created this curiously small and exquisitely beautiful planet Earth which we call home. This One Source also thought up the whole Universe, all that is or was or ever shall be, world without end. It is all already the Ideal made real. I like what I just wrote; but I wonder sometimes if I really believe it… The life each one of us lives is the result of this Mind or Life force within and without. Each one of us lives our own particular life. My memory, distinct from your memory, recalls everything that has happened to me, but not, necessarily, what happened to you. Here is where things get interesting. Memory is a function of subjective mind. We human beings seem inclined to recall unpleasant memories, sad things, scary things, the things that support our belief in how awful everything is, much too easily! I’m told that is a leftover survival technique – the fight or flight thing – encoded in the amygdala, but I couldn’t prove it. What I’m sure about is that I often find it difficult to recall the loving and supportive people and helpful events which are actually far more numerous in my experience than the more dramatic unpleasantness. How annoying.

I was asked a very sincere question the other day: “When you are in the pits, what do you do to get out?” Then I read Anne Lamott’s blog about her upcoming birthday. She and Erma Bombeck, who wrote If Life’s a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing In the Pits? are both authors I enjoy. They share the reality of daily challenges in a humorous way that touches my heart and affirms our connectedness, our humanity and our amazing resiliency. So, in contemplating this sincere inquiry into the process of turning oneself around in the midst of distress, I asked a friend of mine who happens to be a very happy, balanced, cohesive person in my eyes for his answer. He said, “I am a happy, balanced, successful, cohesive, loving and loved person, and have been so for years.” There was a short silence, then he continued, “If this ideal life of mine ever changes, I will find out the answer and I will let you know!” WOW! His answer made us both laugh. The ideal made real is popping up all over the place!

But what do we do when we forget? Then I remembered what I have actually been doing for several years. I got the idea from Henry David Thoreau. He said, “I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” Move. Forward. Now. Confidently. Incrementally. Consistently. Dream. Breathe. Be Happy. Lovingly. Gil


I have noticed a tendency (habit?) in my every day life: appearances can easily nudge me off my ideal living philosophy. The mind can be likened to a small child who has wandered from the path and needs to be nudged back, no blame or shame or guilt. I have spent considerable time off the path. This can be a problem! A mind divided does not function coherently.

There is only one mind, GOD’S MIND, used by all. The Law is always working. The Ideal is made real now. The reason why any of us fail to secure tangible results from higher ideals is because we dwell on too many of the lower ideas at the same time! Some of our thoughts are building for the greater, while others are building toward lesser things! A mind divided against itself cannot stand. Think from the heights, live in the higher, reside in exalted realms! My advice to myself today (you can have it also) is: I stand guardian at the portals of my consciousness. I think from the heights, live in the higher and never mind the ups and downs of appearances, Love, Gil