I prefer living today, rather than trying to figure out the future! As today is unfolding as a result of each now moment, the right now is even more prime than tomorrow. As each ” right now” moment occurs, I prefer to be and do whatever promotes aliveness, love, peace, joy and those things which reside in the higher, better side of Life. It is a waste of time to worry, condemn or complain. The correct nourishment for the body is clean water, filtered sun, nourishing food, intentional exercise and coherent thoughts. The correct food for the mind is higher thoughts, a constant vigilance at the portals of the mind in the direction of all good, love, peace and coherent energy.
H.D. Thoreau provided me with a useful tool. “I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” What’s better than living the life of my dreams? Life is real, breathe, breathe, stay happy, now!


Worry, stress, anger and depression rob us of vital, natural energy and health! This negative function of thought is what produces less than ideal living, ill-health and unhappy conditions on this planet and in our lives. The problem begins early. I was taught stuff somebody already knew and they praised me when I repeated it back to them; they never taught me HOW to THINK. Everything is the result of thought. A “repeat back” consciousness will do us no good, for me, for you, or for this planet, our home. It doesn’t move us forward. The ideal is made real for us as we daily practice NEW thoughts, BETTER feeling ideas, UPSTAIRS consciousness, HIGHER dreams! My life rises no further than my current crop of new, bigger and loftier ideals and this is true about each of us NOW. To learn how to think IS to learn how to live. Be happy. Breathe. Love.


This song was written by Rickie Byars Beckwith. The title is repeated a lot in the performing of this great song. That is perfect for me as I learn by repetition!

My God, your God, is so good all the time! As my source is “Omni” in all areas, the results, like things or stuff, that show up in my life are always perfect, whole, complete and never stop, because God by nature is always giving good to everyone all the time! Sometimes, however, I forget this.

There is a phrase people use: “Well, it’s lemonade time
again!” This of course refers to the idea that when life hands you a lemon, you do the best you can with the adverse situation and turn it your advantage if at all possible. Despite fifty years of teaching and practicing the Science of Mind, I forgot again this week that I am not smart enough to figure out how everything will be for my good.
On Saturday, I developed a painful toothache. Sunday and Monday Gail spent a lot of her time giving me hand holdings, loving attention and pain pills. I so appreciate all she continues doing for all of us all the time. She is wonderful! Tuesday the dentist looked at the X-ray and determined that not one but two root canals were needed! And yesterday it was done! I don’t need no stinkin’ lemonade. I don’t need any more stinking incorrect judgements either. Time to trust. Time to allow. Time to rejoice! How about you?


There is a way for me to experience what I really want! All of the spiritual masters I have chosen to believe have taught since the beginning of recorded time that all people are, at essence, one. So my conclusion is that everyone must, at heart level, desire close to the same. Abraham Maslow identified the hierarchy of human needs: physiological, safety, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization. These things are desired in abundance: peace, joy, power, love, truth, wisdom, goodness, conscious connection with our Source – coherent living! They span the gamut. Which would you willingly omit? I thought so!

On February 2, 2012, my dear wife was guided to Craig’s List (?) and we found, then moved into our dream home. We are still here, never mind all the ifs ands and buts of ordinary consciousness. The ideal prevails!

In the first paragraph I said “there is a way”… Actually, there are many ways or combinations of ways to experience what you really want. How, you might ask? It’s done in mind first. Not the head mind, however. It is the heart mind to which I go. Actually, I do whatever it takes to enter the power of the heart intelligence, the love level. What I really want to obtain, regain or sustain is to live all the rest of my life in the heart or love level of consciousness. It is a spiritual living practice. Be happy. Enjoy the trip.

And on May 2, 1980, our beloved son was born! Talk about the ideal made real! He is 34 years old today! Happy Birthday, Adam!