There is only one mind, and each one of us gets to have our own personal use of this infinite mind. My mind jumps around a lot, rather like a monkey leaping here and there with reckless abandon. I have found that my mind needs to be controlled. There is a song entitled “Make Someone Happy”, which is not really possible. If I’m sad, no one “made” me like that. I am in charge of my life and I created sadness, fear, anger or whatever non-positive feelings I have all by myself. And I like what I have made, thank you very much! However, if I have made up my mind to be happy no one can “make” me otherwise! Negative energy-stealing, sickness-producing emotions used to nudge me into incoherence. But I have learned along the way to take control of these drunken monkeys! I keep my mind focused on coherent, positive, loving energy, regardless of what seems to be wanting my attention. Spiritual practices are the answer. I stay focused on happiness, love and joy, and anyone can do the same. Now is the time, this moment. Learn the tools, begin with yourself. This Universe really is a safe place to be, to see how life itself is constantly changing and becoming new. Love and forgive yourself. Love and forgive every one and everything. Be willing to at least try! Give HAPPY a try. Keep breathing, love.


Marianne Williamson recently posted an article (06-18-14) entitled “War, Iraq, Enlightenment” on Facebook. She made no complaints, did no finger pointing, expressed no fear nor indulged in any other form of wasted energy. Wasted energy is detrimental to the experience of good. I intend to add all the five spiritual steps she has recommended to the ones I have been using for many years. An enlightened, upstairs, higher elevation of consciousness view continues to be, for me, the path to living the Ideal Made Real. Thomas Jefferson said “I prefer visions of the future rather than the history of the past.” The past has no value for me unless I recall, today, all the vast volumes of good that my Source has continually provided me! The Source of life, to this day, continues to shower me with love and limitless good not expected in common hours, seemingly disregarding all my unwise and energy wasting decisions of the past. This is the God Source that is. Enlightenment is the result that shows up in my (our) life as I (we) continue spiritual practices. Welcome to the Ideal. Love, breathe, remember all the joy of good!


I live in the heights, literally and metaphorically, above and over looking Crystal Bay. I first found out about this little piece of “heaven on earth” quite by accident in 1970. I had previously moved to Lake Tahoe in March of 1960 to play for Nat “King” Cole at Harrah’s Tahoe. This move was an answer to “spiritual mind treatment” or affirmative prayer. Today I refer to living here as The Ideal Made Real. In truth, all of Life is ideal, a miracle.

“The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings!”, as Robert Louis Stevenson wrote. I remarked to a man one day about how gorgeous the Lake was. His answer was a sullen “What lake?” The Universe, God, Higher Power, whatever one calls It, is continually and constantly giving, non-stop. What does human kind call it? Good (God) or some sullen lie?

I digress, sorry. So, in 1970, I lived for the summer just up the hill from where we are now, overlooking Crystal Bay, waterskiing, playing trumpet and living it up! When circumstances required I leave my haven, I vowed to myself that someday I’d return. In 2012, we moved back to the ideal made real, again.

I learned from Ernest Holmes many years ago that “treatment” always attains the desired result. When the desired good does not appear immediately, I am to treat again. It doesn’t usually, but in this case it took almost fifty years! And here I am! Spiritual practices, faithfully performed, always place us in a better position to demonstrate! We treat until we get the desired good. Change your thinking, keep it changed and you DO change your life. Keep breathing and stay happy!