“For there’s a change in the weather
There’s a change in the sea;
From now on there’ll be a change in me!
My walk will be different, my talk and my name,
Nothing about me’s gonna to be the same.
I’m gonna to change my way of living
and if that ain’t enough,
I’m gonna change the way I strut my stuff.
Nobody wants you when you’re old and gray!
There’ll be some change made today!
There’ll be some change made!”

That song was written back in 1921: talk about prophetic! However, it isn’t true about not being wanted when you’re old and gray; Gail has me convinced! But back then I wasn’t even born; neither were you, I daresay! Gail’s mom Nikki was on the planet and so was my mother Edith. Tomorrow will be the 110th anniversary of her birth! She used to talk about the changes she had witnessed in her lifetime, from horse and buggy to space travel, from “wireless” radio to personal computers and cell phones. Truly, there’ve been some changes made! I look around today and massive, gigantic changes continue and the pace is accelerating! So many teachers, gurus, great ideas and minds, teachings (and mis-teachings) have come and gone. Yes, changes have been made in consciousness as well. Actually, that’s where it happens first. In Jesus’ time the circumstances of life were fairly primitive and mean from our perspective. But he went around loving, healing and doing good. He did his best while on Earth. He taught that we could do greater things than he did, and in some ways we have. This man knew what he was talking about. I know he spoke Truth. The Ideal Made Real already exists now! But we also know how far we have yet to go, don’t we? You don’t need me to enumerate the places humanity still falls short. It is up to each of us to seize this moment and live it consciously, compassionately, creatively NOW. Love is the answer. Fear has no place in my heart any longer. I invite you to join me and commit to your own Ideal. This is all life has ever asked of us. As we heal ourselves, we are healing not only ourselves, but the world as well. The Universe is God’s business. My life is my business. Your life is your business. Everything else is monkey business or incoherent thinking. I have an idea! I’m going to mind my own business and let the changes being made in my own consciousness express the Ideal of Gil Made Real in the world today. As Jesus said: “And I, if I be lifted up, shall draw all men unto me!” So changes the world, for better and better, forever and ever. And so it is!


In the “real” world, today is Saturday 08/23/14. Here at Crystal Bay, life remains the ideal made real. But it feels a little surreal. You see, this is day five of Gail’s new left hip; the new right hip is now over a month old. She is experiencing more pain than expected. Stating a fact is supposed to be different than making a statement of judgement. Ernest Holmes wrote “we must control our emotions or they will control us.” I find it difficult to separate the fact from my (or her) experience. Nietzsche wrote “there are no facts, only interpretations.” Everything that is upsetting about a given issue has been added by my interpretation, which is totally subjective! Disturbed feelings are produced by my incoherent energy reinforced by my belief in its significance. WOW. Read that again. Albert Einstein asked “Is it a benevolent universe or not?” I KNOW that it’s benevolent. I KNOW Life or God is always moving toward more aliveness. I KNOW there is an organizing principle at work in the universe pulsing in the never ending vibration of LOVE. Right now, GOOD IS!


It’s early Sunday morning, August 17 and Crystal Bay is busy with water skiers, etc. It feels like I’m still one of them, but I’m not! The boat, the “kid stuff” of years past is let go. For now. Tomorrow at 8:00 AM I’ll be checking my one and only love Gail in to the Renown Surgery Center for what’s up next. This is necessary for her (us) to move into our next version of our life, The Ideal Made Real. I thank you for being Alive Now with us. Love, G and G

Sunday, August 10th, 8am

I’m getting some early morning sun, watching the water skiers swoosh by our balcony overlooking Lake Tahoe, and, every once in a while, I spot a hot shot who skis like I used to! We boated and skied for almost 50 years. Last year, I couldn’t even get out of the water! (My mind had not yet gotten the message from my body that somehow I had become old. I am now informed. Old it is.) My daughter, the Reverend Karen Linsley, is today giving her first talk (speech, lecture, lesson, homily – whatever it is ministers do EVERY Sunday morning) as a fully licensed and accredited minister with Centers for Spiritual Living! WOOGIE Karen! WOW, you are embarking on an exciting never-before-dreamed-of life. We are with you, loving and believing in you and cheering you on! Forever! Daddy and Gail


Regarding our three year residency at Crystal Bay Cove (the Ideal made real): we have an unexpected “perk”. I will explain. For three summers now, a beautiful pure white seagull makes three daily visits to our balcony overlooking Lake Tahoe, at breakfast, lunch and dinner times. I know why! He gets three free meals a day! I choose to believe that this is the same bird and that he comes back every year because he likes to visit us. Naive? Perhaps, but he converses not with loud raucous gull-like squawks, but with soft purring sounds. And he is inches away; I could hand-feed him. Also, this “birdbrain” came down to our lower deck, peered into our bedroom window and waited until I came out and responded to him yesterday. I’m certain he was looking for me! I don’t know your reaction or opinion, but for me Jonathan creates a happy, fun-filled experience three times daily. Conscious breathing and happiness is the soil for greater aliveness for all of us. Good, right? Love.


Gail and I were listening to Deepak Chopra being interviewed by Oprah on her Super Soul Sunday show. She was questioning this present day healer, teacher, mystic and example of spiritual living about God, the Universe, Life and other perennial subjects. Finally, she asked her signature favorite: “What do you know for sure?” His answer blew me away! “Nothing!” he said! Me too, I thought. Later, it occurred to me that I am often comforted by what I DO think I know for sure. That place he came from, of humility and ambiguity, is not always a gentle resting place. What I tell myself all the time, that I know for sure, is that Life is eternally and always giving. It is however, as Forest Gump’s mother explained, like a box of chocolates in that we never know what we are going to get. But the eternal is always everywhere present and giving all the time! What if I’m wrong though? Giving implies the possibility of withholding. What if life no more gives to us than flowers give us their fragrance. What if Life is just expressing and our experiences are an unintended consequence? Or, what if you and I are Life itself, the flower as it were, expressing with no thought of “other” to receive? What do I know for sure? Not much!