“I GOT A LITTLE CHRISTMAS” right this very minute!
Our great room here at the condo was transformed yesterday (miraculously) by a bunch of elves! A visiting five year old named Nikolai, my nine year old granddaughter Aiden, mother-in-law Nikki at 97, my son Adam, his lady friend Christina, and my wife Gail were gnomes for a day! It was almost like: I took a nap and “Voilá!” (as Aiden likes to say) I got Christmas all at once!
As I live in the heights, every moment is a beautiful new exciting experience! When I regress down into the pits, (“If life is a bowl of cherries, then why am I in the pits?” Erma Bombeck) my choice is very clear: If I don’t want a rehash of previous unskilled choices and experiences, then I consciously choose the heights of exhilarated thrills from the upper level of raised consciousness! When I do this, every time, I have a little Christmas, right now! Please join me up here in the upper atmosphere. Ho, Ho, Ho! Life is SO good! image

Who Am I?



In classes I’ve taught over the years, this question has been asked countless times as an exercise in peeling back self identifiers like an onion, layer by layer.  Most often the one being queried will answer with their name, followed by their job, hobby, interest, profession, descent, etc.  For me, after much deliberation, I arrived at an answer past all of the above mentioned, beyond even my mind, body and spirit!  My answer was, “I am Soul!”

I believe in the Universal Soul, or Oversoul, as Emerson called it.  I also believe in the soul of each and every individual sentient being everywhere.  That’s a lot of soul!  I don’t believe that individual souls take up space any more than they take up air, so there is no danger in overcrowding (I’m so glad THAT is handled!)  I have come to understand that soul is the container of all memory on the individual as well as the universal or Akashic level.  This is why, along with the non linear nature of time, premonitions, intuitions, out of body experiences and other forms of information are available to any of us who are open to them..

I think of my individual soul as located in my heart (love) area, slightly left of mid-chest.  Try this, it is exciting.  Get quiet, focus your attention serenely in your heart, consciously breathe in and out a few times, full and effortless yogic type breaths, and then ASK.  Ask for whatever you desire.   Guidance, new ideas, inspiration, healing, anything.  Ask believing.  You are not doing anything here, the soul is.  Did you know that y ou are in contact with your own  soul every time you go to sleep?  And the soul goes to work healing and renewing and restoring  your vital energy that has been used during your daily efforts, every time you sleep.  This is primarily why we sleep!

So who am I?  At birth. I was named Gilbert Leroy LInsley and I grew.  As a 12 year old, little Gilbert assumed the role of musician.  At age 30, a metaphysician.  At 58 I became a minister.  Now I’m working on mystic.  And my soul has been who I am the whole time.  My conscious thoughts, positive or negative, my emotions, based on love or fear, have caused me to create a mixed bag of experiences.  Ernest Holmes said, “change your thinking, change your life.”  And “if you do not control your emotions, they will control you.”  Even so, a soul is always unaffected.  Like karma, like life, it always gives me what I really believe, and nothing else.

Who am I?  I am the Universal Soul, individualized and particularized as my own soul, manifesting as my one and only precious life, forever and ever expanding…

Life is good, always, because God is good.  The ideal is made real for the same reason.  God has rigged soul in our favor.  So there!  WOW!  And who are you?


Thanksliving 11-27-14
Today I am grateful for LIFE. This includes whatever shows up, welcome or unwelcome. The appearances in my life are the result of my consciousness or coherence and of the predominant state of awareness here on the planet. So, today, simply, I offer Peace, I give to you the Peace that passes all understanding, I wish Peace for all sentient beings, I share the Peace of the Infinite – PEACE. Amen. And so it is.

Transcendental Meditation

I read the Science of Mind text book by Ernest Holmes in 1958. It is a metaphysical masterpiece! My mind was like a giant sponge. I marked the pages in color, I studied it, I wrote in it, I wore it out and after forty years I had it rebound so I could keep on using the volume I loved! The concepts, the ideas, the truths contained immediately began to change my life from a bleak existence to the Ideal made real. In my, perhaps naive, total acceptance, I bought it all. I believed I was a mystic, a spokesman of truth, a practitioner who performed spiritual mind treatment that actually accomplished the desired good. People I prayed for experienced miracles. It happened repeatedly and I became a total believer and I thanked God, the Source.

My first Science of Mind class graduated in late fifties. It was a year long class and we received a Bachelor of Religious Science certificate, issued by the Institute of Religious Science, Los Angeles, CA. It is dated June 27, 1960. Soon I noticed a change taking place in me. My belief, my total acceptance was shaken. I noticed that although Holmes taught Oneness and a technique of prayer called spiritual mind treatment, how to meditate was implied but was not specifically taught. This was a problem for me. I would sit down, try to get quiet, start to pray and my mind was like the man who jumped on his horse and galloped off in all directions! I needed help.

A man dressed in what appeared to be a white seamless robe was shown on TV stepping out of a Rolls Royce. He then walked to a throne where he was seated surrounded by flowers. His name: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. What did this marvelous man do? He took a thousands of years old yogic tradition and brought meditation to the western world. TM, Transcendental Meditation was born! He had his teachings published in English, established meditation centers, and thousands upon thousands of lives were enhanced. I learned TM early in 1960. My practice of a Science of Mind was exquisitely enhanced! There is only One Source while the paths to knowing It are many. I have found that many of the paths are very good! My personal spiritual practice includes spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) preceded by meditation. What’s yours?


Monday was the beginning of the third week in which my body is housing a totally new right knee! In our right mind, completely, Gail and I decided together, that this was the direction to go. The reasons for this elected surgery are too numerous to go into here, but the bottom line is: I am getting my freedom back!! I did not realize all the work I would need do to get my new body part to cooperate! The Incline Village Physical Therapy Center is doing a marvelously good job. They have not, however, addressed one big problem, that of I.C.R.S. The I can’t remember s— syndrome!? You have not heard of it? Lucky you! Whatever! I write down the things they tell me that I need to remember and hope I remember where I put the piece of paper! I am feeling fine. I am done with the pain pills, and plan on returning to my playing gigs soon. I am grateful for all the help I have received, especially from Gail and my family. GOOD JOB everyone! Be happy, keep breathing and give all your love away! What you give away, you multiply and get to keep! Who knows, maybe we’ll be back water skiing next summer???!


This word does not mean anything weird. It simply means “beyond the physical”. Things which are seen are made of that which does not appear. Ernest Holmes, author of the Science of Mind text book, discovered the ageless teachings of the perennial philosophy to be a reliable thread of truth the same in all: there is only one life, that life is God’s life, and is the life in all creation. Holmes was a lifelong student of Ralph Waldo Emerson and his friend Henry David Thoreau. He taught that humanity has learned all it can from natural evolution. If we are to progress further it is by conscious intention, individually and collectively. Our tool is inside each of us! With the use of our mind, our imagination, our genius, we simply move beyond the physical! Thoreau outlines one possibility: “I have learned that if one confidently advances in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unimagined in common hours.” Do you desire to live the ideal made real? Imagine it the way you want and endeavor to live as if what you have imagined is already so! Infinite Mind is completely free, unfettered and all powerful. and, it’s the mind we all are using right now!