Every night, during our sleep, our vital life force is renewed. Science notes that it is an automatic function of the autonomic system of the body, while not really understanding what goes on. Spiritual perspectives acknowledge that this happens within the realm of subjective mind and that it is essential to the ongoingness of life itself, but hasn’t much more of a grasp on the process. We do know, however, that this regeneration can be interrupted or disrupted by disease, accident or even helpful procedures such as surgery. When this occurs, it is useful to address the condition with the conscious mind and actively court the Ideal to restore the inherent wholeness and perfection that is our natural state. This is what prayer is for. This is why we do spiritual mind treatment. This is why we say “healing is revealing!”


Life, meaning aliveness, existence or being, in all of its shapes, forms and states of consciousness, is as limitless as the Universe Itself! With all of us human self-conscious beings, the natural process of our bodies includes deterioration, decay and death. With all non-self-conscious life forms the process is the same. You and I, however, get a delicious difference from other manifestations of the Infinite. Our thoughts impact our physical expression and experience, so, by consciously controlling our thinking, we can direct what has previously been considered automatic processes in our bodies! Are you listening?! The effect of my thinking on my body can be something I like or dislike, depending on what my thinking is. Is it good and constructive? Is it loving and supporting? Does it feel good? Then, the result in my experience is something I like. If what I feel is not good, the result will be what I dislike, with accompanying results of not good. To take this hypothesis to the next level is truly mind-boggling indeed, but for now, let’s just keep it simple: if it doesn’t feel good, think a better feeling thought!
Love and blessings,