This hilarious photo was found in an old, forgotten box of stuff I almost threw out unopened. It was taken sometime in the mid-eighties. I was robed to perform a wedding ceremony and Gail had recently talked me into getting a perm. “I don’t know WHAT we were thinking!” My head hair today has mostly gone elsewhere, primarily my nose and ears. No perm there!
We think that stuff isn’t going to change, that Life, in this form, is forever. But our lives really are like a candle. Edna St Vincent Millay said it so well in her poem First Fig:
“My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!”
Things change all the time. And then they end altogether as we’ve known them. Gail’s older sister Sue passed on Monday evening from the life she knew to her next expression of livingness and, for the first time in many years, we trust she is not suffering from the afflictions that assailed her here. We miss her and wish her happy trails!
So hum, so hum, I am, I am. Even when I’m gone, I am! In my 87 years I’ve had several close calls or opportunities to be elsewhere! Somehow though, the prana, the chi, the spirit, the life force within us all, has kept me here, for now. The “gig”, if I choose to accept it, is to stay happy, keep breathing, remain positive, give love and express joy. And, most importantly: to stay in touch with my Source through meditation, prayer and a host of other commonplace behaviors that become sanctified by the intention of making them spiritual practices. The world needs this, but maybe more importantly, so do I. Maybe you too?


“If you do not control your emotions, they will control you!” wrote Ernest Holmes. I have long lived by this advice. It is still useful today, but there is more! Before his death in 1960, Dr. Holmes said that if he were to do “it” (synthesize the world’s great Truths into a practical philosophy for Spiritual Living) again he would put more emphasis on love and not so much on “the law, which will be working automatically!” (Both quotes can be found in his magnum opus “The Science of Mind”, also known as “the textbook”.) I have found it to be very difficult to “control my emotions” until I have released my involvement with “the law.” The Law lives in my head or mind, and until I enter the domain of my heart or soul, which is the eternally true part of me, I cannot access Love. My heart is my partner and I can trust it, it feels good and I have  direct contact with love. When my head (mind) is involved, it is usually opinionated and judgmental and does not feel good. I love my emotions. My true emotions come from my heart and when I let it really be my partner in life, it feels so good!
And, as a little Easter aside, have you noticed that a hard boiled egg can’t be beat!