I had a very lucid, real feeling dream last night, and I still feel it today, so—-here goes—–
I awoke at three-forty-five with this wonderful feeling that I am “THERE” or “HERE” right now!!! What this means to me is that there is NOTHING that I do not already possess, all my “things” or goals or BIG dreams are mine, NOW. Then I realized that the reason I awoke was to take a trip to the bathroom, so I did and came back to bed! I immediately fell back to sleep, but this wonderful feeling was still with me when I woke again to begin my day. No problem, no effortIng, no delay, nothing denied; all my desires to have, do and be are complete, right here, right now. Wow.
Awake, or asleep, there are many different realities, perhaps thousands, maybe countless, dimensions, perceptions, ways of seeing, believing and even experiencing Life that are going on at the same time, or co-existing in the collective consciousness of human beings simultaneously. The choice to acknowledge this possibility and to slip into a different view of reality is as easy and natural as changing one’s clothes and the difference is incredibly profound! I think I’ll slip into something a little more comfortable, something that more closely resembles my fondest notions of how my life can be…


Life is not hard! No one has to be decrepit, sick or dysfunctional at any age! When one is balanced in body, mind and spirit, has had proper rest and is well exercised in all three aspects of being, one remains healthy, happy and self expressed. Deepak Chopra says it thusly, “Balance is my true nature. I am ageless and timeless.” If I become unbalanced, forget the organizing principle of fundamental wholeness and become dis-eased, I can heal it and so can you. Healing is never about overcoming a formidable adversary or trying to regain an elusive equilibrium. It is always, merely, simply, a joyous and effortless revealing of an already clear and solid fact: wellness! The Ideal is the original template for all manifestation. If it were not so, nothing could even BE! And that’s the Truth!


Our Universe is in a constant state of flux. Change is inevitable for nothing stays the same, ever! “Stars, atoms and men,” as Ernest Holmes said, are forever “taking form and deserting the form they have taken.” Constancy is an illusion and permanency, at the level of matter, is a cruel hoax! And yet, here we all are! This is a time to celebrate, truly, to rejoice! This is the time to be happy, healthy and express unlimited love and joy. We are all here! And so, I let go of glaring stories and repeated utterances of how awful it is. The whole universe, our tiny planet, and you and I are under the guidance of a Power much greater than all of us put together; a Presence within which we live and move and have our very being. This power I call GOD and I know all is well, all the time. And so it goes! Stay happy. Keep breathing. Know you’re loved…