“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.” So said one of my heroes, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“There is only one mind, that mind is God’s mind and that mind is my mind now.” This comes from another hero, Ernest Holmes.

Both of these concepts are being taught worldwide at the Centers for Spiritual Living including right here in Carson City by my daughter, the Reverend Karen Linsley! (Yet another of my heroes! Proud Papa talking!)

In truth, life is not a private nor even a really personal thing. The way we live our lives is quite often the result of the combined thinking of all humanity, consciously or subconsciously. This collective consciousness has been called world mind or race mind and we participate in it much as if we were swimming in the same pool. There can be nothing of a personal or secretive nature as it is universal and available to all. The human mind cannot therefore be the source of pride, power, embarrassment or any such designation. The moment something is “thought up” it emanates out into the atmosphere as an entity, a vibration or a wave. It just sort of floats everywhere. This explains why “inventions” often pop up from various different people, but at the same time. As Robert Heinlein put it: “When it’s time to railroad, anybody can railroad. If it’s not time, nobody can do it!” This can be experienced as positive, negative, useful or not.

It is possible to live an entire lifetime in the unhappy, drama-filled, hateful negatives. It is also possible to choose again, to replace hate with love, freedom, aliveness, joy, happiness, peace, power, productivity and prosperity. It is possible to look out (or in, which is more accurate) and experience the beauty of life every moment of every day for as long as one gets to live in this magnificent world! What will you choose?


The only constant is CHANGE and the rate of change is increasing exponentially! In order to take advantage of this phenomenon, not to mention avoiding being overrun in the stampede, I am consciously visioning and accessing love, good, vibrant health, lavish abundance and the Ideal made real! Life, God, Nature is beautiful and without end! Yes, there are problematic areas in life, and I don’t know how to solve all of them right now, but I have learned that as I take my thoughts “upstairs” and act as though the problem is solvable and move forward, take risks, simply do stuff I never dreamed of before, I meet with successes unexpected! In my mind, my thoughts, my dreams, I endeavor to live the life I have imagined, but I have noticed a tendency to be a bit slow, perhaps even lethargic, to dream BIGGER, TO MOVE UP. I need to disrupt my thinking. Perhaps this idea from Peter Diamandis will provide me a necessary nudge: “10X vs 10% improvement is 100 times more worthwhile but it’s never 100 times harder.” What breakthroughs could come with 10X thinking? How do we reduce impediments 10X ? Would 10% accomplish? Not much. When I try to do 10% better, I am putting myself in competition with everyone else and it’s a race I’m unlikely to win. Why not try for 10X versus 10%? Go for 10X bigger, 10X cheaper, 10X faster, 10X cooler, 10X more fun, more loving, more in tune with the Infinite! Why not REALLY go upstairs? Why not nudge one another up 10X, which is a 100 times more worth while, to enjoy living the Ideal made real? WHY NOT?



Voltaire whimsically, perhaps cynically, commented in his notebooks: “If God has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor.” (c.1735-c.1750) I have a more encouraging view! We are created out of the thought of God, and of like quality! God is LOVE. All that is, the whole Universe and everything in it, is the result of God’s thought or contemplation, indeed, God’s Love. We are also all connected, inter-related, of a piece, as they say and cut from the same cloth! We are all one! Fear and other extensions of the illusion of twoness or separation are the result of the false god that human beings manufactured out of their own incomplete and distorted view¬†of themselves. But fear is based on a lie even though it has been used successfully as a means of controlling people for a really long time. When people are frightened they are restricted, frozen and not creative of good. When the fear is removed, then love, which is our true nature, is what remains and the all-good appears!

This is an exciting time to be alive! There is evidence of a cosmic acceleration of the all-good in manifested form: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, environmentally, technologically, politically, and in ways we haven’t even imagined yet! The next ten or twenty years of accelerated good will be beyond all current understanding! As we now consciously contribute to the Ideal made real, to the collective rising consciousness of all humankind, we continue growing spirally upwards! This is the time to do our part: to clean up the last remnants of the old messes, to expand, to dream big, to have larger ideas! And it is time to do our spiritual work, to meditate, to express even more love and real aliveness, to truly make the Ideal real, here and now! Our times are LIMITLESS! WOW!!