God is Good. Some other synonyms, the essential intangibles, are love, soul, grace, gratitude, kindness and compassion. I identify these intangibles as qualities most clearly experienced in my physical heart space. When I put my attention there, I am in a state of gratitude, which in turn, enhances the continuing flow of grace, in and out, out and in, of my life! Grace is simply that wonderful condition of perfection, the realization of the Ideal, that is manifested in my life, moment by moment, regardless of what happens! I trust staying in your heart will do the same for you. Grace is amazing!


When I was 15 years old my first miracle occurred: I was hired to play for the summer at Lake Arrowhead in Southern California. My band, which I called The Swing Teens, consisted of four saxes, piano, bass, drums, three trumpets (including me) and a trombonist. The contract stipulated we play in their Pavilion for three and a half hours a night, five days a week, and for that they paid each of us a whole twenty five dollars! This was in 1943 and that was a small fortune! We did so well that they hired us back for the next summer! Incredible! We came home with money! I thought Lake Arrowhead was the best!
Then, during my military service, I got to play in the Sixth Army Headquarters Band at Presidio in San Fransisco. Wearing civvies, sleeping in late, lots of pretty USO girls: now that’s a miracle too!
In 1960, through yet another miraculous chain of events, I was hired to play Nat “King” Cole at Harrahs Tahoe. I lived in Las Vegas and was single then, so I grabbed my horn, my dog, and whatever clothes would fit in my Austin Healy and came up for the first time to my very own “great lake”! Mark Twain said Lake Tahoe “must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” He was right! Now THIS is a REAL lake! Another miracle! I’ve been here ever since.

Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I choose to live my life as though everything is a miracle! Life itself is the miracle! Do you see? Here we all are!!! Find your miracles! Look for them in your life story, in your day today, in your own blessed self. Do what makes you happy, love somebody and keep breathing! YOU are the real miracle!