“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.
“To live happily and healthfully in all the turmoil that progress brings requires exploring new ideas.”
The Heart Math Solution by Doc Childre.
About five years ago, while I was still a full time minister of Religious Science, I learned from Doc about the heart’s intelligence. Everybody alive has this marvelous heart organ pumping blood from before birth until death. Heart intelligence is also available to all who become aware of It. Focusing one’s attention on that intelligence is a scientifically proven pathway toward expanded ideas. I have found this spiritual tool is very helpful in practicing love, another name for the Ideal made real. Namaste…


One summer in the early sixties I lived up on the grade of Highway 28 near the state line, over looking Crystal Bay. That was a great feeling, magical, summer. I was playing lead trumpet in the show room at Harvey’s, water skiing and having a wonderful life! There WAS one big negative experience that happened however! Due to my Faith that GOD IS ONE, life remained magical! I was so grateful! Seemingly overnight, I find I am now old – eighty seven! I still play trumpet, haven’t water skied in three years. Today in August of 2015, about 50 years later, we (me and a whole “new” family) live on the other side of that hill, different, but the same. The magic, the grace still remains. I want to remember that it remains everywhere! The gnarly negatives still show up, no surprise! My point? Life continues to be miraculous, a miracle. We live by the grace of God. Life itself is a miracle! Then, now and forever. And so it goes. Love…


Since we’ve been living on Tahoe’s north shore, a sea gull has been intermittently showing up on the deck outside our living room overlooking Crystal Bay. The bird is very tame and would probably eat out of my hand, but I don’t trust that big beak! He was peering into our bedroom from the lower deck yesterday, no doubt wondering why I was still in bed instead of bringing him food… We are entering our fourth year here. I wonder sometimes: is this always the same bird? It really does not matter. We all just enjoy the visits. Simple joys: they feel good. There are, however, some potentially upsetting appearances swirling around. Massive changes are going on all over the world. I find that the more I think I know about stuff, the less I can really be sure of! Bottom line? I don’t know as much as I’d like to think I know! I have learned that the trick is to not judge. But, is it possible for me to not judge, at all? I need to feel good! I CHOOSE to feel good because I happen to know that whatever I focus my attention on grows and expands! So, right now, I move my mind, my attention, directly into my heart, a little off center, in my chest and I FEEL better instantly. My heart has infinite intelligence because grace and love dwell here. This is where the higher vibration of life, the Ideal resides. Grace IS amazing. I now feel GOOD. Here there is nothing to judge. Here life is simple. Here I feel gratitude as Grace takes over the running of my consciousness. All is good, joyful and abundant in all ways. I stay happy. Grace is simple. And so life is.