“There is a power for good in the universe greater than you are and you can use it!” Ernest Holmes
This mysterious power is self-existent, has always been, will always be and is First Cause of everything! This includes our whole solar system, the galaxies in our Universe, all that is now known and as yet unknown. This mysterious power, even though we sometimes forget, is what we are! It is to be trusted. It is what shows up as both what is marvelous or seems disastrous in our experience! My job is to handle what shows up in a coherent, sane, educated, meditative state of mind. This means living in the question. It is realistic living. I need to expand beyond the limits of my current understanding and view what happens in this mysterious reality as good all the time! Realistic living is the good life. The good life is trusting enough to live creatively through the challenges we encounter. Realistic living is the power, the ever deepening communion with our True Self, with this mysterious power. It’s how I use It!