While there is a lot I don’t know, I am positive as a proton (!) that Life (GOD) is thoroughly, permanently and mysteriously unknowable to all of It’s creations. Yes, there is a life cycle: conception, birth, growth and eventually death. Yes, we humans have discovered that we can assist ourselves towards living the Ideal made real. And some, for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, live hell on earth every day. I am also positive that Life (GOD) is always the permanent and changeless source of the Universe, and all that exists before, now and in whatever is to come. The forms come and go, change happens and becomes the new now. This is all very mysterious. But we are all mystics. A mystic is one who senses the Divine Presence everywhere. With trees, bees, dogs, dolphins and such, this awareness seems built in. People, however, apparently get to choose. I stand with the prophet of old who declared: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” Today I choose to see God everywhere I look! And peace prevails in my world…


Science of Mind – page 307
I needed reminding this week of something I first learned in 1958: “Nothing is real to us unless we make it real. Nothing can touch us unless we let it touch us. Refuse to have the feelings hurt. Refuse to receive anyone’s condemnation. In the independence of your own mentality, believe and feel that you are wonderful. This is not conceit, it is the truth. What can be more wonderful than the manifestation of the Infinite Mind?” So, stay happy, keep breathing. Life is SO God!