This great song composed by Henry Mancini with Jay Livingston and Ray Evans as lyricists reminds me of the vast importance of living in one’s highest imaginings, (Gail calls it “imagineering”!) the area of unlimited possibilities, miracles and magic.

“I’m in Dreamsville
Holding you
A dreamy view
Just we two alone in love
In Dreamsville
Time is new
We’re here to love
And we do
We can see the rest of the world
Below us
From our pink cloud
There’s no boundary to this magic land
As we go exploring
Hand in hand
In dreamy Dreamsville
Far away
And here we love
Here we’ll stay!”

“I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours,” said Thoreau. I have learned that there are no limits! The bigger the dreams, the more seemingly outrageous or impossible the goal, the more deliciously satisfying the miracles that result! I have learned to manifest, and intend to continue living, the “Ideal Made Real,” the higher side of life, about which Christian Larsen, one of Ernest Holmes’ greatest inspirations, wrote. This, like everything else, is an inside job. I do it to, and for, myself, as do you. The temporary appearances of life must be of no consequence to us. Love God, have the faith of God, the source of all good, and enjoy the Ideal life made real! Here’s to a FABULOUS 2016!



STATUS: What’s on my mind? I am in awe of Life. Here we all are, living and loving, in and through the LIFE FORCE, which is the Source, the Mystery of the Universe. I am so grateful for all our relatives and friends. If I am to stay on the planet, it appears that I must get old. There is no acceptable alternative at this point. Many of my old friends have moved on. Of my contemporaries, the two other 87 year olds left, I can reach both of them by phone. No jive email, twittering or texting for US! I remember things they said seventy years ago! Bill Holman used to say: “Rage and consternation twisted his face, then he twisted rage’s face and they both twisted consternation’s!” Gordon Fry said: “What’s that brown crap on your shorts?” Answer: “That’s brown crap!” What memorable quotes! Good friends…

Regardless of all my training, Science of Mind, ACIM, forty years of actual ministry, studying metaphysics, new thought, old traditions, etc etc, I STILL got old. We went to see the best ENT specialist in Carson City. He said, after extensive testing, that I was perfect! Everything is just exactly the way it’s supposed to be, only a little slower! Which means I’m perfect, for an 87 year old! No, I have not water skied in three years. I have no desire to snow ski either. It’s too cold. All of the really important stuff still works fine though, says my wife! (Use your imagination!) What’s my STATUS Facebook asks? I got old by focusing on The Ideal Made Real, that is, LIFE ITSELF!
Love and Blessings and Merry Christmas for everybody!

We plan; God laughs…!


As a retired “man of the cloth” but still an active trumpet player, (a love affair which began when I was only twelve), all of a sudden I find we are near Christmas of 2015! (Where DOES the time come from! Smile). I guess this means Gail is a retired “woman of the cloth”, but then it’s always been kind of a challenge to keep her dressed. She’s really a nudist at heart. Did you know that? Is that over-sharing or too much information? Oh well. We have been living the “ideal made real” since moving to our lakefront condo here in Crystal Bay Cove, almost four years ago. Now, we have absolutely no clue what the future holds, which is usually the case for most people, but we can frequently fool ourselves into thinking things will continue on the same trajectory, which we find a comforting, but inaccurate illusion. Our lease expires on February 29, 2016 and, due to Nikki Campbell’s recent graduation to the Hereafter, in March ¬†WE ARE OUT OF HERE! (ready or not). As the Universe (God) is for all of us, Gail and I can hardly wait to see the outrageous ideal life that is even now unfolding for us. I know being a jazz trumpet player / minister is an unusual mix: weird is as weird does. We have no real idea where we’ll land or when, but Gail and I are both life-long Science of Minders and we will continue to teach only Love. Join us as we stay happy and keep breathing. Have a merry HO HO HO, Love and Light and Blessings Galore!