Love is magic, pure and sweet
For it alone makes life complete.
Love turns all the commonplace
To matchless beauty, joy and grace.
And when there’s something hearts would say
Love, like magic, points the way.

We don’t’ recall the author of this beautiful little poem, but we remember using it as the basis for several sermons over the years. From September of 1976 until we retired in 2014, Gail or I, or both of us, prepared and presented a Sunday talk, either at Lake Tahoe or Carson City, or both! For awhile, we did two services, 9:30 and 11:00 down the hill in the morning and one more up in South Lake Tahoe at 6:00 PM! It was a joy, and fun! And we did it all for love! Truly magic was afoot!


In the living of every day life, I have found it helpful to consciously call forth and release the spiritual genius that resides within me. This Presence can be hampered or impaired by conflicting thoughts emanating from my own mind or even the combined consciousness of humankind. To illustrate simply, anytime I deviate from the inherent love, peace, joy, power, beauty and wisdom that already resides within me, it is evidence of unskilled, incoherent thinking. Being aware of this problem is the beginning of its healing. There are a multitude of paths that all lead to conscious re-unification with God, the source of all Ideal goodness and love. I chose to be a life-long practitioner of the Science of Mind in 1958. My wife and dearest love was taken as a toddler into her first Religious Science Church on Easter Sunday of 1955. We still do our best to live what we’ve taught for all these years. But it’s not the only way, nor even necessarily the best way for all. There is, however a “perennial philosophy”, what Ernest Holmes called “a golden thread of Truth” that can be found in all righteous systems. Once one has decided upon on a spiritual path, stick with it. The “spiritual athlete syndrome” of jumping from one to another should be avoided. Which is not to say that an evolution of consciousness does not occur on one’s chosen path. It will. The hallmark is an expansion and inclusion of all previous awareness and knowing. I remember to stand guardian at the portal of my own consciousness to remain at ONENESS. What is required of me is new ideas, higher thoughts, greater concepts that allow the Power within me to demonstrate the Ideal as real, the lofty heights of a grander, heart centered life. LIFE IS GOD. LIFE IS GOOD. ONENESS PREVAILS!! THIS IS SO NOW!!