There is NO reason to thinkĀ that Life is serious. To the contrary, there is moreĀ  evidence pointing to how benevolent and creative is the mystery of life itself. There is, in this particular moment, this tiny point of consciousness known as me, on this teensy weensy planet called Earth, that exists on the fringe of a curiously small galaxy, in a seemingly endlessly BIG Universe. In the cosmic scheme of things, how can what I think make any impression on God, the Good, that created ALL that exists.? Well, this is, in fact, that very great mystery of life, because the answer is: my thought DOES matter, it actually becomes matter, literally! Thought is forever in the process of creating form and then deserting the form it has created to begin again! Thought changes everything, or thought is the method by which the continuous flow of things occur! Ernest Holmes wrote: “Thoughts are the causes of things. Change your thinking, keep it changed, and you will change your life.” Actually, it’s much harder NOT to change your mind! I do it so often I’ve got the cleanest mind around! It’s all very mysterious and incredibly wonderful. And totally my choice! Who shall I be, what shall I do, how can I play more wholeheartedly in this glorious experience of life, today? I choose to live in the grace of God, the good, now.! It’s a miracle, a mystery and I love it!