Things ain’t what they used to be…


“Things ain’t what they used to be”…This is the title and wise sentiment of a blues tune written way back in the time of jitterbug dancing and lots of big bands and smaller groups playing jazz, which was my primary interest in life at the time. “Things ain’t what they used to be” never applied to me though; I thought I would always be young. One fine day I was officiating a wedding with a large group of young people, and the groom, who looked too young to shave, said: “how old are you anyway?” (Up to this point, I didn’t realize I look like an old person. What a shock. Just naive, I guess.) On a macro scale: how about the changes I have witnessed in our world during my lifetime? These could be a real challenge to my joy, my peace, my love, my jazz, to happiness. But I remember a lesson I learned years ago about the power within each of us, our mind, our thought, our imagination. To the person who will imagine his life to be the way he wants it and insists on living it right now, regardless of what appears, much is guaranteed. Or to simplify, change your thinking, keep it changed, and you will change your life. Do whatever it takes to think happier thoughts. I can do whatever I must to change my thinking. As I use my mental broom to sweep the used-to-be’s off the floor, I believe God, Life Itself is Good! Therefore I know that my life is the same. And so is yours. Choose love.
Blessings to all!
‘Doc’ Gil