Enlightenment 2

Meister Eckhart wrote “You have to go outside yourself so that God can come into your self.” I find that my “going outside myself” is slowed/stopped quite easily. The bickering, complaining, finger pointing, criticizing, fear, anger and guilt that is easily found in the media is being repeated constantly by many, many temporarily un-enlightened beings. My answer re-entering my enlightenment, my right mind, is simple : consistent, regular, daily spiritual practice. I have 56 years of practice. It works as I work it. Please join me.
Be happy, keep breathing.

One thought on “Enlightenment 2”

  1. I will never forget your way of speaking, teaching us to open up to the real life within and I do, every day, thanks to you, Gail, Sue Vincent, Terry Cole and a few others. I have been so amazingly blessed to have shared some time with you. I love you!

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