Many times when I find myself feeling uneasy, off center or not good, I have an alternate voice in my head doing my thinking for me. That other thinker (some call it “the committee”) may not have my best interests at heart. In fact, due the the accumulated negative input, this voice may actually have an idea that is in direct opposition to my well being! There exists an unconscious, downward negative pull that is partly the result of the media incessantly reporting the most dramatic story they can find. Since the human animal is hard-wired at the reptilian brain level to look for and respond to threats to insure¬†survival, I must consciously engage the neocortex and find a more rational and a happier tale to tell. I need do my own thinking from the highest level possible, not the most sensationalistic. Standing guard at the portals of my consciousness and thinking my best thoughts about my ideal life: that’s what gets me where I want to be! My outer world reflects my inner word. Stay happy and keep breathing! I am!

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