We plan; God laughs…!


As a retired “man of the cloth” but still an active trumpet player, (a love affair which began when I was only twelve), all of a sudden I find we are near Christmas of 2015! (Where DOES the time come from! Smile). I guess this means Gail is a retired “woman of the cloth”, but then it’s always been kind of a challenge to keep her dressed. She’s really a nudist at heart. Did you know that? Is that over-sharing or too much information? Oh well. We have been living the “ideal made real” since moving to our lakefront condo here in Crystal Bay Cove, almost four years ago. Now, we have absolutely no clue what the future holds, which is usually the case for most people, but we can frequently fool ourselves into thinking things will continue on the same trajectory, which we find a comforting, but inaccurate illusion. Our lease expires on February 29, 2016 and, due to Nikki Campbell’s recent graduation to the Hereafter, in March  WE ARE OUT OF HERE! (ready or not). As the Universe (God) is for all of us, Gail and I can hardly wait to see the outrageous ideal life that is even now unfolding for us. I know being a jazz trumpet player / minister is an unusual mix: weird is as weird does. We have no real idea where we’ll land or when, but Gail and I are both life-long Science of Minders and we will continue to teach only Love. Join us as we stay happy and keep breathing. Have a merry HO HO HO, Love and Light and Blessings Galore!

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  1. I think it’s a great combination Gil. I’m sorry to hear about Miss Nikki
    I had chemo and it apparently damaged a nerve in my leg. I’ve been disabled and I’m in a physical therapy hospital atm. going home soon. Barb

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