Meditation is, for me, transformative. In my early years I was not aware of it. I grew into adulthood without any seeming effort on my part. At thirty I learned in Science of Mind that, in order to evolve any further, I must do so consciously. Nature had brought me that far, like a gift! Spiritual practices  were the next step. I learned Spiritual Mind Treatment, which is a form of affirmative prayer, at the Center for Spiritual Living on Harmon Street in Las Vegas, (known at that time as the Church of Religious Science.) Then I signed up for study at the Transcendental Meditation Center. My next great adventure had begun! I have continued to treat and meditate to this day. I am now an (almost) 89 year old valuable antique! For the shape I’m in, I’m in great shape. Do you want a transformation? I’ll teach you too! Private message me for details; I’m available! Love and blessings!

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