Welcome to my blog!

My wife Gail and I retired on August 1, 2013.  We’ve been ordained ministers since 1976.  We received our Doctorate of Divinity certificates on August 18, 2002 in Carson City, Nevada.  I believe we are both now complete with pulpit ministry.

Since age 12 I have been a professional musician.  I still am and accept any gigs that show up!  In the last several years, through a lot of Spirit, Soul, Body and Mind work, I have discovered what I term an Interior Insight.  It’s sort of like playing an improvised jazz solo, and when it’s over, I cannot remember the notes, or even “who played that?”

I also believe that ALL people can live the Ideal life, where life is going well and feels good, all the time.

Several years ago I began writing as a result of this inner communication.  You, the reader, can now, through this blog, experience it all!  I invite you to email, call or visit me if I can facilitate your experience of the ideal life.  I usually write weekly.

The secret of life is easy:  keep breathing and stay happy!

Love, Gil

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