The Subconscious Realm

On the Universal level, this is the Law, the doer of whatever the combined consciousness of humanity has contributed to world. On the human level (all of us) I think of Subconscious as “Soul”. However one chooses to think about it, the Subconscious is entered into by everyone every time we go to sleep! As we sleep, the soul is busy at work, healing, renewing, restoring vital life force and energy within that has been used in one’s daily endeavors. In many instances, these vital forces have been almost totally depleted, wasted by incoherent thinking, extreme depression, fear, anxiety, anger, hate, etc. The Subconscious is SUBJECTIVE to our conscious direction via our love. In other words, get quiet, get comfortable, be grateful and or loving, put your attention in the area of your physical heart and feel love and appreciation. When my life force and vitality is fully restored, every day I am living the ideal made real. So will you and so it is!

The Ideal made Real

I became a Science Of Minder in 1958 and very soon after I was living it and teaching it. Ernest Holmes effected great positive effects upon my professional life as a musician and I spent all of the sixties and the early seventies playing with and for most of the famous entertainers and musicians of that era. It was fun and financially rewarding. My whole life blossomed as I accepted snow and water sports into my growing and expanding experience of life.
During these years, when I was working (playing) with those stars in Las Vegas I would take another SOM (Science of Mind) class at the First Church of Religious Science on Harmon St. It was during these years that it slowly dawned on me that these great early teachers, who knew and walked with Ernest, were really teaching me about life: how to live an Ideal Life! The next step was obvious: I took the Practitioner Class from Orrin Moen in Los Angeles. I was a practitioner for about a day before I enrolled in the School of Ministry, Ernest Holmes College. Now my life REALLY transformed. I met Gail!
Enough ancient history. Gail and I have just finished a three month sabbatical and are on vacation for the month of July. We have decided to retire in August. After all, even a train stops! It’s been thirty seven years!
The ScienceOf Mind, for me, includes Life – real aliveness – the ideal made real – and of course, Love. If they taught this in regular school, like Science of Mind, Life and Heart 101, I missed it! But it all started for me in that SOM class in Las Vegas in 1958.
In 2012 Gail and I attended a wonderful class taught by my daughter, Karen Linsley, called FROM WHENCE WE CAME, written by Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings, at the Carson City Center. In this class, I re-learned and re-remembered the roots of Science of Mind. Our plan now is to retire not from life, but into Life fully, twenty four/seven, with our focus upon God, the Good, the One Source of All and Everything that ever was or will be.
The Bible talks about a time for all things, remember? How about using time this way?
A time to be still, to practice the silence, to allow the guidance that comes when my head stops its fearful interference…
A time to be happy and joyous, because the Ideal lives in a cheerful world. Cheerful is good medicine and is food for the heart, mind and life itself,,,
A time to stop worry, which has crippled millions of fine minds. This destructive habit is easily removed by its antidotes: joyousness, music, light and fun,,,
A time to love everybody and everything and yourself, regardless of what is; to just be good and kind, and forgive everyone and everything, including self, never mind appearances,,,
A time to pray without ceasing,,,
A time to have the faith of God, not in, but OF God, the faith of the Ideal abundant life,,,
A time to think Truth, we are all created out of the thought of God and of like quality,,,
A time to live from the heart, that is, from a higher level of exalted feeling and deep love.
This is how we practice The Ideal Made Real: we are having fun! The Ideal Made Real became real to me in February 2012 when we moved to Crystal Bay, and I feel as though I’ve been on my path of bliss ever since. I live the IDEAL. It really is REAL! Stay happy, keep breathing! Love Gil


FAITH: the zone of heart, mastery, one’s own inner genius
The faith necessary to live the Ideal made Real is arrived at beyond one’s head thinking. “The faith that surpasses all understanding” is totally subjective. So how is this accomplished?

To enter this zone you may find the following affirmation helpful. Say and think to yourself “I am living in my genius zone and my life is going well and I am feeling good all the time.” (You might be thinking: “Hmph, what genius? My life is NOT going well, and I feel lousy!”) Never mind what is! The Infinite Law says that what I say I am doing, I find myself doing! It is done unto you as you believe! The IDEAL MADE REAL is available to everyone. The above affirmation (or one that feels even better) is a part of the path to this new LIFE of total freedom.
Any questions? I am at Lake Tahoe (800.426.2858)
Stay happy and keep breathing!
Love Gil

Feeling good all the time?

Train yourself to be kind, as a permanent state of consciousness. The path to feeling good is found in being good and kind to everyone, all the time.
Never hold in mind, or think about or dwell upon,those things you do not want to Experience, thusly you cause those things to pass away. “It came to pass” not stay, is true of everything!
However, unpleasant things will not pass away so long as we hold on to them in mind. That unpleasantness which you let go of from your thoughts will pass from you entirely and be replaced with its opposite, which feels really good, all the time. Stay happy and keep breathing, Love, Gil